Belvedere College - Charity Fundraising Policy

Charity Fundraising Policy

Charity Fundraising Policy

Belvedere College Charity Fundraising Policy

In accordance with its Mission Statement (q.v.), the College has a long-standing commitment to exercising social concern, directly by socially responsible activities and immersion programmes in our local community and in the wider world, and indirectly by fundraising for charitable purposes.

Fundraising is carried on throughout the school year and by all years in the College. These activities are intended to build community among those who take part and to form them in unselfishness and resourcefulness, while also effectively raising financial support for specific charities.

Charities supported by Belvedere fall into three categories: (1) those closely associated with the College and for whom fundraising has been a matter of more or less longstanding tradition, e.g. Belvedere Youth Club; (2) those which may make application for support from time to time through the appropriate procedures; (3) emergencies, e.g. the tsunami in South-East Asia.

Commitment to category (1) is long-term but subject to review at stated intervals. Commitment to charities in category (2) is on an annual basis. Category (3) is, by its nature, ad hoc.

The following charities are recognised in category (1):

  • Belvedere Youth Club
  • [ii] St Vincent de Paul Society
  • [iii] Peter McVerry Trust
  • [iv] Focus Ireland
  • [v]  Home Again
  • [vi] Temple St Children’s Hospital
  • [vii] Guide Dogs for the Blind
  • [viii] St Frances Hospice
  • [ix] Social Diversity Programme
  • [x] Kolkata
  • [xi] Trócaire
  • [xii] Wau-Sudan Project

A designated committee will review applications in category (1) at regular intervals, ensuring adequate notice where a decision to discontinue or modify funding is made. Applications for support in category (2) will be accepted on a bi-annual basis, end September (for activities planned in the second half of the academic year) and end January (for those planned in the first half of the academic year). Such applications must be made on an application form, available by clicking here. Emergencies, under category (3), will also be adjudicated by this committee.

In each case, a decision to accept a charity will also include specification of when, where and how fundraising is to be carried out. Such activity is to be spread as evenly as possible through the whole school year and appeals are to be similarly distributed across the school community as a whole. This is to ensure that no period is over-booked and no group over-targeted. A calendar of fundraising events is held by the Pastoral Department to monitor such activity.

Only those fundraising activities approved as above can be carried out through the use of school facilities and/or in the name of Belvedere. Funds raised by individuals under the foregoing rubrics must be contributed to the central collection for the charity concerned. As needed, a formal letter of accreditation will be issued by the College for all approved activities.

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