Belvedere College - Rhetoric Debating Award

Rhetoric Debating Award

Rhetoric Debating Award

The College Award for Debating is presented annually at the Rhetoric Passing Out Ceremony.  It is awarded to the person or persons who who have both excelled at debating (Mace and Irish Times style) and who have contributed most to the development of debating as a whole within the College. The award started in 1986 and the tradition continues to this day.  

Previous Winners:

  • 1986 J.Culleton

  • 1987 R.McDevitt                                                                 

  • 1988 R.Hewson                                                                   
  • 1989 B. Dunleavy

  • 1991 R. Corbet, L. Ó Luanaigh

  • 1993 P. Minogue, P. Lonergan

  • 1994 J. McHugh, D. Kane

  • 1996 J. Darby, S. Lynam, D. McAlinden, D. McGinley

  • 1997 C. Byrne

  • 1998 S. Boylan

  • 1999 D. McGeady, L. Carberry

  • 2000 A. Moran

  • 2001 A. Thuillier, I. Carey, J. Mahon, M. Lally
  • 2002 M.Duffy, S. Smyth

  • 2003 C. Deeney, D. MacGuill, C. McCarthy, J. Thuillier

  • 2004 R. Clancy, D. Fahey, E. Kilkenny, A. MacGuill, L. O’Shaughnessy

  • 2005 J. Gallagher, N. Smith

  • 2006 D. Henry, M. Thuillier, F. Titley

  • 2007 L. McCrone

  • 2008 M. Doyle, D. M. Moran

  • 2009 Colm Booth, Eoin Devlin
  • 2010 Kevin Millar, John Doody
  • 2011 Oisín Peat & Manus Carlisle

  • 2012 Mark A. Kelly
  • 2013 Cian Henry
  • 2014 Rían Hayes
  • 2015 Jack Loftus
  • 2016 Saoirse Grogan-Neilan
  • 2017 Micheal Killarney
  • 2018 Eoin Harrington

The 2018 Debating Award presented to Eoin Harrington (RK) by Philip Hogan

The winner of the Rhetoric Award for 2017 was:
Micheal Killarney


The winner of the Rhetoric Award for 2016 was:
Saoirse Grogan-Neilan


The Debating Award 2015 presented to Jack Loftus by Philip Hogan


The 2014 Debating Award presented to Rian Hayes by Mr. Philip Hogan

Cian Henry recipient of the 2013 Rhetoric Debating Award. Presented by Mr Philip Hogan.

Mark A. Kelly recipient of the 2012 Rhetoric Debating Award. Presented by Mr Philip Hogan. (below)

Rhetoric Debating Award 2012 Mark A. Kelly

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