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Annual Carol Service 2017

Annual Carol Service 2017

Took Place Sat. 2nd. December

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Hark, the Herald Angels Sang!

The Angels in question were the boys of the choirs of Belvedere College SJ who once again kicked off the Christmas Season with a tour de force at the annual Carol service. Their excellence and enthusiasm were an example to all as they infused a grey December evening with a liberal dose of Christmas spirit that they and their choir masters Ruaidhri and Fran along with Ms Curtain and the instrumentalists and Ms O’Dalaigh and the readers should be should take great pride in.

The setting for the service in the College Chapel was perfect as usual and a testament to the preparatory work done to make this celebration so special. The procession of the boys with candles (interesting health and safety challenge if the adolescent clumsiness much in evidence in my house is anything to go by) set the tone for a spiritual and joyous service fitting perfectly with the start of the Advent season. From there the combination of music, song and readings were perfect in delivering the message of humility, hope and awareness of the needs of others that is at the core of the Christmas message.

Junior, senior and chamber choirs individually and in combination were excellent throughout. No greater compliment can there be than the gusto with which the congregation joined in when asked (surely a challenge for even conductors of Ruaidhri and Fran’s patience and skill!) as a sign of how the choirs transmitted the joy of celebration through song to everyone present. Massed congregational signing meshed perfectly with the skill and fortitude shown by the excellent soloists and readers.

Christmas is about family and friends. The carol service is a reminder of the community that is brought together in Belvedere. The range from the Elements students in junior choir to the mature young men in the senior choir is a sign of the growth that takes place during the boys time in the college. The lesson that they learn that in any endeavour hard work will bring rewards of excellence that they can share with others is beautiful realised in the annual carol service. All involved can take great pride in the fact that for those who get the chance to attend it the Belvedere carol service has become a staple in the enjoyment of Christmas and a joyous reminder of the Christian message for all. Congratulations to all and thank you for a wonderful evening.
Keith Synnott

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