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Battle of the Books - 3 Schools, 1 Book

Battle of the Books - 3 Schools, 1 Book

What wins? YOU decide!

The librarians of Belvedere, Clongowes, and Gonzaga Colleges invite all of our students, parents, staff and alumni to choose a book as our official '3 Schools, 1 Book' summer holiday read.

The idea is to look at the shortlist, choose your favourite option as a summer 2020 read and make a pitch on Instagram or Twitter (#3schools1book) that will convince us to vote en masse for that particular book.  Your book choice may be because you’ve read it and feel that everyone else will enjoy it, or because you like that particular author, or because it sounds like a great plot, or has an interesting idea that you fancy exploring further. No matter what, choose your pitching style and make your case.

You can try to sway our vote by simply writing why you think it’s the obvious option, or go all out and record a short audio or video clip, individually or as a group with friends and/or family, if you feel like being extra-persuasive!

You can start voting now for one of the books that are literally vying for your choice on our voting link HERE.

Voting will close at 5pm SHARP on Friday the 15th of May and we'll announce the winner soon afterwards.

Contact your school librarian if you'd like further details.

So go on, have your say. Get pitching, get creative and get voting….... let the battle commence!  #3schools1book

The Battle Short list:

Noughts and Crosses – Malorie Blackman

The Da Vinci Code – Dan Brown

The Body – Bill Bryson

Illegal – Eoin Colfer

Moonrise – Sarah Crossan

Dubliners -James Joyce

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