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Belvedere Virtual Student Art Gallery

Belvedere Virtual Student Art Gallery

Posted: 29/04/20

To view all of the art projects taking place during the COVID-19 School Closures, please click HERE.

29th April 2020

1.) Art in Lockdown

Students from Ms. Redmond's Art classes have been busy producing a diverse range of exceptional artworks using a variety of media. Please view the video which showcases some of the work done by senior students. The outstanding work created by 6th years, 3rd years and 2nd years cannot be showcased online at this time as it is examination material, but watch this space!

2.) "The Masterpiece"

Ms Leddy's Transition Year class are working on a project called "The Masterpiece". It is a personal piece in a medium of their choice and depicting a subject matter of their choice. It is the final piece that some of them will ever do in Art and even for those who will continue with the subject, this piece represents the culmination of all of their art that they made over the last four years.

This photo gallery, which can be found HERE, will be updated over the next few weeks with students' development work and ideas, which might be interesting to look at and follow. The final pieces will be submitted later in May.

3.) Elements Projects Inspired by Roy Lichtenstein

First Years have been working on a special project inspired by Roy Lichtenstein. They are making portraits based on the people in their home who are having a conversation during the lockdown.

To view this full gallery, please click HERE.

4.) Poetry Poster Projects

Poetry are beginning to work on a poster project that is based on the first public event that they wish to attend after all of this is over.

To view this full gallery, please click HERE.

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