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Grammar Scully outing to Dublin Zoo

Grammar Scully outing to Dublin Zoo

By Ben Connolly

Students are required to take part in an action project for the CSPE Junior Cycle. For our project, we decided to focus on stewardship, more specifically on endangered species. Our first step was to contact Dublin Zoo to enquire about their endangered species. Of their list of endangered species, we chose the Siamang Gibbon native to the forests in Thailand. Before visiting the zoo, we researched the Siamang Gibbon and discovered that they are engaged due to deforestation in Asian countries. Deforestation is the removal of trees to make space to build and expand cities.

Siamang Gibbon (Source: Dublin Zoo)

Upon our arrival at the zoo, we were led to the Discovery Centre where we took part in a workshop and learned about the living conditions of different animals. Afterwards, a debate was held and we discussed whether or not it is beneficial for an animal to be kept in a zoo. We came to the conclusion that it is best to have animals in safe conditions, for medical resources and to keep them away from threats.

After the workshop, we visited the Siamang Gibbon. They were truly amazing. I was most impressed by the fact that their arms were longer than their legs. I learned that this makes it much easier for them to swing from branch to branch without any trouble. While with the gibbons, we also noticed the orangutans, who were also very impressive. There was one called Sibu who had exceptional human qualities in the way that he listened to our guide.

Sibu the Orangoutang (Source: Dublin Zoo)

Overall, it was a great experience and I hope that we helped bring awareness of the conditions in Asia, not only for the gibbons, but for all species that live in forest lands.

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