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Volleyball Tournament 2018

Volleyball Tournament 2018

By Bill Costello, Grammar Scully

After weeks of practicing and learning volleyball in P.E, it was time to see which class was the most skilled and who would come out on top. The team captains got together to learn how the event was going to be played. It was a straight knock-out tournament of eight teams refereed by Mr. McCarthy on the sideline.

First up was Kenney, dressed in Drumcondra football tops, against the mixed KFS side. It was a very tight encounter which ended in an 11-9 loss for Kenney, which saw them get knocked out first round.

Next was Loyola, wearing all white, they took on the mixed LAX team. The strong Loyola team had a comfortable 11-6 victory which brought them to the semi-final.

Scully, dressed in Blue while wearing goggles, comfortably put an end to Xavier’s hopes with an 11-6 win.

It was 11-6 again as Finlay suffered defeat to Aylmer in the last quarter final of the afternoon.

In the first semi-final, the KFS side battled hard until the very end, but were beaten by Loyola, which saw them progress to the final.

Just as Aylmer thought they had the game won, Scully turned things around with a few quick points from Daniel Magner at the net, securing Scully a spot in the final.

After a quick water-break, Loyola faced Scully in the annual Volleyball Tournament Final of 2018. Loyola worked very hard, but Scully were the better side on the day and won 13-8. Conor Bateman lifted the trophy for Scully.

A great tournament performance from Max Wright of Scully, he won Player of the Tournament. It was an enjoyable and well-organised tournament with lots of individual talent.


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