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Minute Silence

Minute Silence

For Victims of Manchester Attack

In solidarity with many others across the UK, Belvedere College staff and students marked a minutes silence at a whole school assembly at 11am on Thursday last, May 25th.

The Headmaster, Mr Gerry Foley introduced the moments silence by saying;

"This senseless violence shocks us every time we hear such news, but our pain becomes all the more intolerable when we hear so many promising youngsters and innocent children were involved.
As a school community with students similar in age to many of the victims, we gather in solidarity with many others this morning to pause, pray for, and remember the horrific suffering that the families and communities in Manchester and elsewhere are going through. There is a minutes silence being observed right across the UK at 11am this morning and we join with them"

As part of the service 4 of the incoming school Officers led these prayers;
1. We pray for all the concert-goers who witnessed the carnage…..moments silence
2. We pray for a better world to come as we hold the families of victims in our hearts and prayers….moments silence
3. We pray for the spirit of wisdom, understanding and tolerance to prevail in our communities so as to promote an atmosphere of peace……moments silence
4. We pray for our leadership, especially for faith leaders as they lead us in the way of peace and peaceful co-existence……..moments silence

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