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Maths Week Quiz Questions

Maths Week Quiz Questions

Best Entry From Each Year Wins A Book

Congratulations to the following who have won book prizes in the Maths Week Quiz :

Luke Nolan, Rhetoric Kenney - whose answers were PERFECT.   ALL CORRECT !!

Jack Crumlish, Rhetoric Xavier,

Ross Flanagan, Gr. Finlay,

Derry De Yang Lin, Gr. Scully

Tim Kenny, Grammar Loyola,

Jack Cody, Grammar Aylmer. 

Conor Moreau, Rudiments Kenney

Adam Zheng, Rudiments Kenney



No I said: 


Two small book prizes – and think of the glory - for each year group
Closing date Thursday 26, 2017.  More details from your Maths teacher. 
Have a bash at all 17 questions.

1.  In whose honour is the Belvedere College Medal in Mathematics named ?

2. If a clock takes 2 seconds to strike 2 o’clock, how long will it take to strike 3 o’clock ?

3. Find the square root of the sum of the year your school was founded and the present age of a girl born the day Sonia won Silver in Sydney .

4. Name the great Irish Mathematician who, in a flash of genius, wrote a powerful formula  on a bridge in Cabra on October 16, 1843. 

5. If a cube of sugar has sides 1 cm long, how many of them do you need to make a cube whose sides are 2cm long ? 

6. The great Islamic mathematician Al-Khwarizmi , born about 780 A.D, lived in Baghdad and achieved many discoveries and inventions. He is credited with giving    us the set of ten what - which we still use and love today?

7. Aunt Matilda was very touchy about her age – but would never tell a lie. She told her curious nephew in Elements that she was 35 years old not counting Saturdays and Sundays. How old was she? 

8. What Dubliner, born in 1847, studied Mathematics, had a career in theatre management and wrote a very well known Gothic horror novel ?

9. This mathematician has presented Mathematical Magic to audiences in Belvedere College SJ on several occasions.  He is easily found by searching for the word “card” followed by his first name. His publications include a calendar which honours the lives of many Irish Mathematicians. Find his full name.

10. Find the name of the distinguished UCD Mathematician, born in Wexford in 1875 who wrote a book on Einstein’s Theory of Relativity in 1913 and has an Institute named after him in UCD.  His grandson is highly respected by many very accomplished Belvederians both past and present. 

11. Educated in Gonzaga College SJ, winner of the Victor Graham Perpetual Trophy for achievement in Applied Mathematics, he is the author of many school books on Maths and a classic Irish textbook on Applied Maths. Though not yet ancient himself he could converse with Ancient Greeks, he taught in a famous Jesuit School for 33 years and he’s now the boss in another excellent College not a million miles away.  Who is he? 

12. Assume the diameter of a football is three times the diameter of a cricket ball. Then how many cricket balls would have the same total volume as one football ?

13. If a man walks 3 km due north and then 2 km due south what is the maximum distance he can be from where he started? 

14. What is the next number ? 
​1​  1 ​ 2​  2​  4​  2​  4​  2  ​4​

15. If a Belvedere SVP Flat decorator can paint a flat and a half in a day and a half, how many flats can 6 Belvedere SVP Flat decorators paint in 7 days ?

16. Rearrange the ten letters in YOUR BIG NUN to make the name of a sporting activity.

17. Mathematicians in forecasting the path of a hurricane have to deal with great complexity - “When the present determines the future, but the approximate present does not approximately determine the future.” Name the surprising THEORY put forward at MIT about 50 years ago of which a popular example is the “the butterfly effect”. 

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