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Senior Rugby Awards

Senior Rugby Awards

By Mr Valentine Tauamiti

Last night we concluded the Senior Rugby season with our awards evening and dinner hosted by the parents.

Mr John Broderick opened and closed the evening beautifully in Irish in a way which only John can do. Both Mr Gerry Foley and Mr Stuart Wheeler addressed the crowd of about 85, in regards to the progression of the young men over the season and the lessons one may glean from participating in sport. It was a very honouring occasion for the students and their parents.

Below are a list of the awards received last night:

Emerging Talent - Awarded to a player in his first year of SCT who has showed great promise, and performed exceptionally well over the course of the campaign.
Eoghan Rutledge (Syntax Loyola)

Squad Man - Awarded to the player who displays selflessness in his support and contribution to Senior rugby in both the 1st and the 2nd team.
Conor Kelly (Rhetoric Scully)

Man of Steel - Awarded to the player who shows commitment & consistency, whilst holding themselves to the highest of standards off the field.
John Meagher (Rhetoric Finlay)

Players Player of the year- Voted by the full senior squad, it is awarded to the player the players felt contributed the most to the squad on and off the field.
Alekseiy Soroka (Rhetoric Aylmer)

Player of the year -  Awarded to the player who the coaches and management felt best embodied team values, and performed the best in each game of the season.
Conor Cagney (Rhetoric Kenny)

Bob O'Connell Rugby Award - Awarded to the player who has best served the rugby programme here at Belvedere, over their six years of attendance. The player would epitomize what it means to be a person for others, and embody the team values.
Aaron Coleman (Rhetoric Loyola)

A huge congratulations to these young men!

Once again many thanks to you all for your support of these young men.

Many Thanks,
Valentine Tauamiti, Director of Player Development

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