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The CanSat Project

The CanSat Project

By Enosh Paul Kallely Sholey (Syntax Kenney)


The CanSat Project is a competition that Belvedere has taken part in for some time. The aim of the competition is to design and create a satellite the size of a soda can with the primary missions of measuring temperature and pressure, and any other secondary missions a team may create.  This year a team from Belvedere took part in the regional competition held in Grangegorman.

The team comprised of Enosh Paul Kallely Sholey (Syntax Kenney), Boris Yu (Poetry Loyola), Derry De Yang (Syntax Scully), Hugh Bowers (Syntax Loyola), Ross Flanagan (Syntax Finlay) and Tim Kenny (Syntax Loyola).

Unfortunately we did not make it to the national finals as our can lacked secondary missions. However, it was an excellent and very enjoyable experience for us. Not only did we develop our technical skills, but our presentation and organisational skills were also tested as the competition had a huge amount of public outreach involved.

We visited two primary schools, St Vincent’s, Glasnevin and St Fiachra’s and gave them a presentation about CanSat. We also interviewed a number of CanSat teams and CanSat co-ordinators.

Our CanSat was named Candromeda, after our nearest galaxy Andromeda, and had two sensors for measuring temperature and pressure and radio antenna systems to send that data to a PC. The house of our circuitry was made with 3D printed materials and laser cut acrylic. It also had a parachute to land it safely after the drop. On the day of the competition our CanSat transmitted data successfully and landed safely.

CanSat was an excellent opportunity for us to get a taste of the engineering and science fields as well as improve our presentation skills. There were a lot of challenges in creating the CanSat and we realised that team work, coordination and motivation were all a very important element in this project.

We would like to thank Mr Wilson, Mr Grehan, our DIT consultant Mr Damon Berry, and all students and teachers without their support this wouldn’t have been possible.

We are pleased to say that we have learned from our mistakes and understand where we need to improve for CanSat 2020.

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