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The Junior Choir

The Junior Choir

Perform for the American Ambassador

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Junior choir visit to the American embassy - Jake Dimond (Elements Aylmer)

In November the junior choir were invited by the American Ambassador to his residence in the Phoenix Park to sing at his annual Christmas party on Friday 2nd December. We were very honoured to get this opportunity but knew it would be hard work. We put in hours of rehearsal time, going in early on Monday and Thursday mornings and after school on Friday as well as extra hours on the week of the performance. All of this was made possible by Fran Stoker-Phelan, the conductor of the junior choir, making brownies for the choir on Fridays, sending recordings to help learn the songs, and by doing great work during rehearsals to make the choir as best they could be.

On the evening of the performance we all got on a bus after school to go to the Phoenix park. We were all very excited as for the first years it would be the first performance in the junior choir. When we arrived at the gate a security guard came on to the bus to check the adults for passports and to check the names of all the choir members. We all had to be really quiet and well behaved. When we saw the house it didn’t disappoint. It was a massive white building with a giant Christmas tree with lights and decorations on it. When we went inside we saw the big rooms and nice carpets and another huge tree. We had drinks and food in a side room where the Ambassador later made a speech. We warmed up in the Ballroom which had magnificent sofas and got ready to start.

Before the choir performed two soloists played, Cathal Ahern on the flute and Oisin Keating-McDermott on the violin and they both received massive applause. Then we were ready to start! We sang four traditional carols as well as other less well known ones such as ‘Run Shepherds Run’. The Kenyan Ambassador, who was at the party, was so pleased that we sang a song in Swahili, ‘Tumefurahi’. The performance was brilliant and the Ambassador even joined in for ‘Santa Claus is coming to town’. We all enjoyed the experience and it was really fun. It was a huge achievement for the junior choir and we were really pleased because all our hard work rehearsing had paid off. Lots of important people were at the party including Barack Obama’s chief speechwriter Cody Keenan, minister’s, ambassadors and judges who all seemed to enjoy it, judging by the big round of applause we received at the end.

Afterwards the American Ambassador made a speech and shook hands with all the members of the choir. He was very patient and waited to shake everyone’s hand and answer some questions. We were all very proud of ourselves coming back to Belvedere on the bus. We knew it would be a great memory of the junior choir.

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