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A Welcome Note

A warm welcome is extended to the parents and guardians of students in Belvedere College S.J. past and present.
As per our mission statement, ‘The family, as the primary educator, through its commitment to the values of the school, shares the responsibility for the students’ education’.

Parents and guardians play a key role in the life of the community in the College and we welcome volunteers from the parent body to partake in the many activities which take place during the academic year. Parents from all years are represented on the Belvedere College Parents Association however all volunteers are welcome in all areas at all times via the Parents Association.

The Parents Association (PA ) meet once per month. Each year of the College is represented by  two parents  for a maximum of two years. Elections for these positions take place at the Parents Association AGM in September each year. Two parents elected to the Board of Management as parent representatives, as well as the Headmaster, attend each PA meeting.

The Parents Association (PA) run and sponsor many key social nights including a welcome evening for Elements parents (1st Years) during the first term as well as evenings for the various years throughout the remaining terms. The key aim of these informal evenings, where light refreshments are served by the PA in the College itself, is to facilitate and enable parents to meet up together during the course of the year. We recognise that secondary school is not just a new experience for your sons, but for parents and guardians as well.

The PA also arrange for three experts/speakers to present three talks over the three school terms covering relevant topics which relate to you as parents and guardians.  Topics for the first two presentations might include for example, Study Skills – a Parents role or Social Skills – How to keep your son on the right path, while the third talk always has a spiritual theme in keeping with the ethos of the College.  Details and notification of these talks are highlighted on the website and flyers and texts are sent home.

The PA also plays an active role in helping and/or organising and contributing towards many other events and publications such as the Christmas Bonanza/Fair, The Annual Blockpull, the Annual Sleepout, Mock Interviews, Family Fun Day, Library supervision, review/compilation  of school policies, The Belvedere News, College productions (Musicals and Dramas) and numerous other activities.
All contact details for the Parents Association members are available in the Belvedere News which is circulated twice a year or online on the College website.

May we take this opportunity to wish you every blessing and a happy, positive, rewarding time as a parent in Belvedere College S.J.

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