Belvedere College - IT Use Policy

IT Use Policy

IT Use Policy

Extract from College Journal 2012/13

8.13 I.C.T. Acceptable Use Policy

The following is a summary of our College’s Acceptable Use Policy. A full version of this is available at and as a printout upon request. By signing this abridged version you are signing that you have read and will comply with the full version.

  • 8.13.1  Belvedere College S.J. reserves the right to monitor any communications on its network and record the activities of all users on all IT communications and security systems.
  • 8.13.2  no student of Belvedere College S.J. should have an expectation of privacy in relation to their communication transmitted from or held on the College systems. All users of Belvedere College S.J.’s

Information and Communications Technology (I.T.) must:

  • 8.13.3  use it in a manner consistent with the College’s mission and values.
  • 8.13.4  use it for appropriate and sanctioned communications only.
  • 8.13.5  protect the information or information assets under their direct control and to adhere to the established information security policies and procedures.
  • 8.13.6  report any suspected weaknesses or the ability to access inappropriate material to the Headmaster/Deputy Headmaster or any member  of the I.T. Team at the first opportunity.
  • 8.13.7  not disclose their password to anyone else nor attempt to use another’s credentials.
  • 8.13.8  not to go beyond their authorised access nor to examine, change or use another person’s username or password.
  • 8.13.9  must not access, download or post any material which is offensive, illegal or could bring the College into disrepute.
  • 8.13.10 be aware that the College retains the right to report any illegal violations to the relevant State and other authorities.
  • 8.13.11 not attempt to disrupt the computer system by interfering with software or hardware, must not use personal internet connections or digital devices unless they are registered with the Network Manager/Head of ICT..
  • 8.13.12 show due diligence when transferring, carrying and using any electric data off the Belvedere systems.
  • 8.13.13 respect the rights of copyright owners.
  • 8.13.14 only use software that is authorised, licensed and approved. 
  • 8.13.15 not intentionally interfere with the normal operation of the College I.T. systems, resources and associated applications.
  • 8.13.16 be aware that should they cause damage to the I.T. system, they may be required to bear the cost of repairs/replacement.
  • 8.13.17 not engage in Cyber abuse or bullying
  • 8.13.18 it is mandatory that all personnel, students, staff, volunteers, and other users adhere to this Acceptable Use (IT) Policy. Any breach of this policy is regarded as a serious offence.  Offenders shall be liable for disciplinary action, including disciplinary action, including possible termination of service, suspension or expulsion, and civil and/or criminal charges in line with the College’s codes of conduct.


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