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The Block Pull

The Block Pull

Blockpull video presentation by Kevin Owens



Some Blockpull Moments



In The Boy Zone  

This picture is from the launch that happened outside Temple Street Hospital.
The boys were joined by two members of the Irish pop band Boyzone, Keith Duffy and Shane Lynch who were there lending their support with publicity for the official launch

The 2013 Blockpull is taking place from Thursday June 13th to Sunday June 23rd.
55 lads will be walking from Dublin to Galway as usual from Sunday to Sunday.
They are collecting for St Francis Hospice, Temple St Children's Hospital
and the Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind. Please visit our fundraising page here...
Thanks to everyone for all the support!

BlockPull 2013; My view
The group of sixty men and boys that we are with varying personalities, faiths, beliefs are all different. We come from different areas, we participate in different activities no two of us look the same. So why are we or can we be called a group? A group as I define it is a bunch of people brought together by a common goal, belief or hobby; the three of which for some people could be perceived as being the same thing. The only thing we all have in common is the ethos which we strive to follow.
I, along with my walking, pulling peers am making my way to Galway for three chosen charities while pulling our three blocks each of which is meant to represent the undertaking we make for each individual charity. The chosen charities are the St. Francis Hospice in Raheny County Dublin, Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind and Temple Street Childrens' Hospital. Three as we see it dedicated and deserving causes as are many but these are the ones we chose. 
So why do we do it, different reasons really; some do it for the fun and some people do it because they truly believe in the charities that we are raising for. As for me well I'm doing it because it's part of a life which I am trying to live, I am trying to take an interest in the Jesuit Ethos which I have been immersed in for four full years now, some see Belvedere as just a college. In this time of transition between a year of reflection, spiritual revelation and discovery to a year of concentrated studies I am trying to broaden my horizons to the world around me. I wish to learn about the people I meet rather than just seeing them, I wish to improve the mood and even life of all the men and women I come into contact with I hope that everyone around the world could follow this Ethos which I came across in B.C High in Boston, that is make every persons day, you meet, a little brighter. They are simplistic ideals of travel and sharing the journey that anyone can follow.
What I believe about my faith and my religion is that we should all dedicate ourselves to a cause, that may not be running a marathon for the sick or giving all ones riches to the poor (although if you're a person who has "riches" I would implore you to give some of such to people less fortunate) but faith is something that is above all else, it is a rock, when all else fails to the ground around you, a person can sense and know that the skies are getting dark all one can depend upon is something that cannot be sensed so it is never there and can therefore never leave.
So what do I want to get from the Blockpull 2013, well I want to travel, to see things I have not seen before, to develop relationships with people, to discover parts of my faith which I have never experienced before while in reflection with the starry skies overhead. I imagine it being quite cinematic really.
So we are collecting in Dublin City Centre from the 13th to the 15th and then we are starting our walk on the 16th through Clondalkin, Naas, Monasterevin, Mountmellick, Kilbeggan, Tullamore, Athlone, Ballinasloe, Loughrea and Galway with everything in between.     
Edward Byrne



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