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Art Craft & Design

Art is the Queen of all sciences communicating knowledge to all the generations of the world

Leonardo da Vinci


The mission of the Art Department is the practice and teaching of Art, Craft and Design in a positive proactive learning environment. Students are encouraged and challenged to realise their full potential in many aspects of the Visual Arts. It aims to develop in the student a practical and theoretical understanding of and competence in the principles and skills of each discipline. It aims to nurture the creative spirit of each individual, to encourage the student to investigate, question, document and interpret the world around them in visual, spatial and tactile terms

Art Department Teaching personnel:

  • Mr. Gerard Conran
  • Mr. Ronan Jacob
  • Ms. Marguerite Redmond
  • Ms. Martina Leddy


Junior Cycle

Art, Craft and Design as a subject is available to all students entering Elements. Students will experience a broad variety of disciplines and media, skills and techniques, in a strong and vibrant Art Department. The benefits of an education in Art, Craft and Design for the student at this developmental stage extend far beyond a competence in the subject itself. The art room is a place to learn, explore, imagine, think, create, collaborate, and experiment. Art, Craft and Design education develops a number of important personal qualities, particularly those of initiative, perseverance, sensibility and self- reliance. It enables the student to develop the skills and techniques necessary for expression, inventiveness and individuality.

Students choosing the subject will develop a practical and theoretical understanding of and competence in the principles and skills underlying visual and constructional design and problem- solving. Through structured practical work the students of the Art, Craft and Design course will develop the ability to:

  • use drawing for observation, recording and analysis, as a means of thinking and for communication and expression
  • use the core two-dimensional processes in making, manipulating and developing images
  • use the three-dimensional processes of additive, subtractive and constructional form-making in expressive and functional modes
  • use a variety of materials, media, tools and equipment
  • understand relative scientific, mathematical and technological aspects of Art, Craft and Design
  • sustain projects from conception to realisation
  • appraise and evaluate his own work in progress and on completion
  • develop an awareness of the historical, social and economic role and value of art, craft and design and aspects of contemporary culture and mass-media

The course offers students of Belvedere College a wide range of artistic disciplines for example; drawing, painting, graphic design, printmaking, sculpture, modelling, construction, pottery, ceramics, animation, photography and computer graphics.

Junior Certificate

At third year students prepare for their Junior Certificate, which consists of a continual personal project (75%), which starts in October and ends in May. They also sit a Practical Exam in May, which involves drawing from objects and human forms (25%). The study of Art at Junior Certificate level provides the student with a sound basis for progressing to the Senior Cycle Art course.

Transition Year

In Transition Year students will further develop and continue their studies in Art on a weekly basis. The aim is to enable every student to appreciate Art by providing relevant opportunities for creativity and innovation. It aims to reinforce and further develop the knowledge, skills and competencies acquired at Junior Certificate level.

It aims to enhance students’ ability to make informed judgements about the made environment, to develop practical problem-solving skills through the manipulation of materials, to enhance creativity through developing lateral thinking skills and to promote inventiveness and risk-taking.

The course aspires to extend the range and quality of students’ artistic and educational experiences and to prepare them for the requirements of further study should they opt for art at Senior cycle. Students are provided with a space to learn, mature and develop in the absence of examination pressure. For those who opt to continue with art in the senior cycle, it is an opportunity to take initiative in their learning. Students will be able to see the value and recognise the relevance of art in their lives.

The course offers students of Belvedere College a wide range of artistic disciplines for example; drawing, painting, graphic design, printmaking, sculpture, modelling, construction, pottery, ceramics, silver jewellery, lutherie, animation, photography, computer graphics, art appreciation, gallery visits.

Senior Cycle

Art is an option for students at Senior Cycle. The Leaving Certificate Art syllabus is a broadly based course, which is made up of four units. The course offered at Belvedere College ensures that students will experience many aspects of visual art and will develop their artistic skills by following a common course over the two years of senior cycle.

The modes of assessment include:

  • Three practical examinations (62.5%) are carried out in May. These are;
    • Life Sketching
    • Still Life or Imaginative Composition
    • Design or Craftwork
  • A written examination (37.5%) of Art History and Appreciation in June. Three questions are answered, one each on Irish, European and Appreciation of Art in two and half hours.

* The new syllabus for Senior cycle has been revised by NCCA. A date has not yet been set for implementation but it is expected in the near future.

A high proportion of our students pursue Art and Architecture related careers and we look to continue this tradition by ensuring that artistic creativity coupled with great expertise and enterprise will provide students with dynamic life skills and wide employment opportunities.

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