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Chinese Studies Information

Chinese Studies Information


A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step
老子 Lao zi (Chinese Philosopher)

Chinese Cultural Events

1. Dublin Chinese New Year 

2. Shen Yun Performing Arts


David O’Grady
Department Coordinator

Marguerite Redmond
Exchange Programme Organiser

Juan Gao
Chinese Language & Culture Teacher

Elements Chinese short course 1
Rudiments Chinese short course 2
Grammar Chinese short course 3

Link for the short course: 

After School Chinese YCT 1 - HSK 4

First Year Study Chinese YCT 1
Second Year Study Chinese YCT 2
Third Year Study Chinese YCT 3
Fourth Year Study Chinese HSK 3
Fifth Year Study Chinese HSK 3
Sixth Year Study Chinese HSK 4

Link for further information on YCT examinations:

Syntax: NCCA TY Chinese Language & Culture Course

Link for further information on Syntax Curriculum:

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