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German lessons have taken place in Belvedere since the 1930’s! A young Jesuit called Fr. Franz Schrenk from the former East Germany was stranded in Ireland when WW2 broke out. He stayed in Belvedere until his death in 1992.

Why learn German?

German is spoken in Germany, Austria and a large part of Switzerland. Over 100 million people speak German as their native language. German is the most commonly used language on the Internet after English. Germany is the largest economy in Europe and is closely associated with high technology industries (for example Mercedes, BMW, Volkswagen, Siemens, Adidas to name a few). Over 250 German companies operate in Ireland employing 15,000 staff here. Germany is Ireland’s third largest trading partner. 70% of Irish exporters to Germany use German in their business dealings. Even in a recession, there are significant job opportunities for people with English as their native language alongside a working knowledge of German.

300,000 German tourists visit Ireland every year. 18% of books worldwide are published in German. 70,000 pupils in Ireland learn German. 500+ second level schools here teach German, as well as 100+ primary schools. There are 1000+ teachers of German in Ireland.

The texts used for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd years are colourful books, used in conjunction with tapes and work sheets which have various degrees of difficulty catering for all students. The topics covered are those of interest to students of this age group – for example, school, hobbies, food, socializing, excuses for being late or having no homework etc.

German in Transition Year (TY) is dynamic and practical. It varies from learning how to read menus, how to ask for directions, how to discuss the pros and cons of TY etc. Some of the modules include DVDs and worksheets varying from a German version of Friends to a BBC teaching course. The highlight of the year is an exchange trip to a Jesuit school based in a former royal palace with magnificent grounds in the very heart of Vienna.

Pictured Austrian Exchange teachers, Fritz and Adrianna with Deirdre Melvin and Gerry Foley

Students also take part in German debates between schools teaching German. Some of our students have won scholarships based on their results in German in the Leaving Certificate.
99.9% of German students sit the Junior and Leaving Cert exams at higher level. German Leaving Cert results in Belvedere are very much above the national average.
Examples of German words include “Gold Maus Theater Wasser Apfel das Auto” – bet you know what they mean! German is easier than you think!!

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