Belvedere College - George Dempsey Memorial Prize

George Dempsey Memorial Prize

George Dempsey Memorial Prize

Mr George Dempsey taught in Belvedere from 1884 until his retirement in 1923.
He was James Joyce’s English teacher from 1894 until 1898.
During these years Joyce won a number of prizes for English.Mr Dempsey appears in A Portrait of the Artist As A Young Man as Mr Tate.Mr Dempsey died in 1924.
In his memory, a competition was established in 1925.
The winning entry has been published in The Belvederian ever since.

Previous Winners

Belvedere Union Prize Essay

1906 Arthur Cox

1907 Arthur Cox

1908 Arthur Cox

1909 Joseph Little

1910 No Award

1911 J.J. Scanlan

1912 J.J. Scanlan

1913 P. O’Connor

1914 Leo O’Dwyer

1915 Donal McGrath

1916 Robert Davitt

1917 P. Ronan McGrath

1918 W.I. Bloomer

1919 No Award

1920 P. O’Flanagan

1921 John Whitaker

1922 Niall Byrne

1923 Eugene Crosby

1924 Oscar O’Herlihy

The George Dempsey
Memorial Prize for English

The Belvedere Union Prize
was renamed The George Dempsey Memorial Prize
for English and continues
to be sponsored by the Union.

1925 James Furlong

1926 Sean Turner

1927 P. O’Leary

1928 Richard Dunne

1929 Christopher Heron

1930 Joseph P. Whelan

1931 Francis A. Gibney

1932 N. Brunicardi

1933 Patrick Leahy

1934 H. Grant

1935 Vincent Landy

1936 Sean Gannon

1937 Michael Clark

1938 Fergus Moore

1939 J. F. Turner

1940 No Award

1941 Bertram Crowe

1942 Eamonn Walsh

1943 Michael Fennell

1944 Frank Rooney

1945 Gabriel Brennan

1946 John Fennell

1947 Anthony Golden

1948 Desmond Forristal

1949 Daniel Cummings

1950 Michael Vale

1951 Thomas Mulrooney

1952 Colm Luibheid

1953 No Award

1954 Michael Gallagher

1955 Owen Dudley-Edwards

1956 Rory Grealish

1957 Michael H. Gill

1958 John Ryan

1959 Donal O’Neill

1960 Edward McParland

1961 John Bowman

1962 Bruce Bradley

1963 Brian Barry

1964 Michael O’Dea

1965 Gerald Barry

1966 Declan O’Dwyer

1967 Vincent Deane

1968 Adrian Hardiman

1969 Adrian Hardiman

1970 Sean O Cathasaigh

[Award lapses: resumes 1987]

1987 Colin Teevan

1988 Michael Mullany

1989 Oisin Coghlan

1990 Paul Lenihan

1991 Jonathan Korowicz

1992 Darragh O’Connor

1993 Rory Rapple

1994 Niall O’Driscoll

1995 Theo Honohan

1996 Brian Patton

1997 David Doyle

1998 Shane MacGuill

1999 Carl O’Brien

2000 Eoin O’Reilly

2001 Alan Tully

2002 David Murphy

2003 Neil McKenna

2004 Michael Halloran

2005 Conor Gannon

2006 Seán Ryan

2007 Seán Cronin

2008 Declan M. Moran

2009 Chris Parker

2010 Joel Loll McKeever

2011 Alex Conway

2012 Lucas Grange

2013 Seva Major

2014 David Deignan

2015 Domhnall Conroy

2016 Cian O’Farrell

The George Dempsey Medal

The competition for the George Dempsey Memorial Prize is open to all Rhetoric Student.

Rhetoric students are invited to submit entries from any of the following categories:

  • A class-essay written since September
  • An essay of the student’s own choice
  • A short story
  • A poem or selection of poems
  • A film-script
  • A portfolio of writing in English

The George Dempsey Memorial Prize 2018 for English presented to Cathal McGuinness (RS) by Shane Moloney

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