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Spanish Debating

Spanish Debating

Spanish debating is not nearly as daunting as it may sound. Every year the Association for Teachers of Spanish run a competition with a Plate and a Cup up for grabs.
Students debate motions all of which are current and relevant to the Leaving Cert syllabus.
It is a wonderful opportunity to practise and improve your Spanish with like minded people all of the same age and level of Spanish.

"This year myself and three other students represented Belvedere College in the Leinster Secondary School’s Spanish Debating Competition. Although we unfortunately didn’t make it past the group stages (this year), the experience was hugely beneficial and enjoyable.

Spanish debating allowed me to explore the language in a setting outside the classroom, which is an opportunity that seldom comes around. Since participating in Spanish debating, I feel that my oral Spanish has come on leaps and bounds. As well as this, each debate gave me the chance to learn how to discuss complex topics in depth and gain perspectives on topics I would have never otherwise encountered. Need not to say, the entire experience has also provided me with an edge in class and exams.

Should the opportunity arise, I would highly recommend participating in Spanish debating to anyone because the more you give to it, you get back tenfold. In the Leaving Cert, the Oral examination is worth 25%, the opinion writing 12%, and the listening section 20%, so to be able to go into it with confidence is a huge asset to any student. Having the opportunity to practice all of these aspects in a small group setting is invaluable to any language student."

John Kirwan
Poetry Aylmer

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