Belvedere College - Transition Year

Transition Year

Transition Year

Transition Year offers each student the opportunity to experience Hispanic culture and traditions by means of films, music, and literature. It further opens Spanish students' eyes to the Hispanic world and helps them develop an appreciation and wider knowledge of different cultures, traditions, and foods.

In Transition Year students will further develop and continue their studies in Spanish on a weekly basis. The aim is to reinforce and further develop the knowledge and skills acquired at Junior Certificate level. The course aims to extend a student's ability to communicate through the language, improving Oral and Aural skills, so as to prepare them for the requirements of further study should they opt for Spanish at Senior cycle.

The Department also run an Exchange Programme in Sevilla. This is a fantastic opportunity open to all Spanish students in the school to spend 2 weeks fully integrated into Spanish life - school, co-curricular activities, family life, etc.

Students are encouraged to participate in the exchange programme to practise their language skills and to experience Spanish life. Those who have completed the exchange and gone on to continue their studies in Spanish for the Leaving Certificate have grown in confidence from their ability to understand and communicate better with the language.

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