Belvedere College - Belvo Bake Off 2017

Belvo Bake Off 2017

Belvo Bake Off 2017

The Great Belvo Bake Off
Elements 2017
By Conor Carolan

The hot question was who would win and with what recipe and it was clear to all that the judging for this Belvo Bake Off was harder than that on the Great British Bake Off. It was evident early on to Ms McDonagh that definitely the recipes were all mens choices with a selection of apple tarts, cakes, brownies, tarts and chocolate chip cookies being made in both competitions. 
The competition all began before the Easter Holidays when Elements Home Economics students were invited to enter the competition.
Recipes had to be trialled over the Easter break and then the chosen recipes were submitted the day of returning to school.

Round one group one of Elements Home Economics there was a tough judging panel varying from the wise expertise from Ms.Lyons to the Parnell corner back on the bench Wayne Vickery.
There was also a mix of Spanish, Science, Irish and Business teachers helping with the judging including Ms Siggins, Mr O’Grady, Mr. Dougherty, Mr Broderick, Ms Sarah Hanley, Ms Fiona Gillespie, Ms McGouran, Ms O’Donohue, Mr Maloney and Ms O’Sullivan. Using ping pong balls to judge the taste and appearance it was clear there was two favourite winners.
First place went to Eddie Rees and Cian Murphy who made the most decadent raspberry cheesecake brownies which was a beautiful Ballymaloe Cookery School recipe. Second place went to a worthy independent winner Senan Coakley who made a comforting apple tart his grandmother’s secret recipe.
Following the judging the doors were practically knocked down by eager Element students to get in and try some of the tasty delights on offer. 

Round two was a fierce contest as soon as the sun rose on Monday morning lads were preparing. It was truly guns at dusk. The competition was vicious. Rachel Allen would have been impressed but Never Maguire would have lost his job the competition was so intense. From inside rumours there was apparently one contestant who even lost two socks over the competition. Three of the contestants judging on this day were some of Belvedere’s finest rugby coaches Mr John Broderick, Mr Dave O’Grady and Mr Dougherty who I was surprised to see eating an unsavoury amount of sweet treats.

The worthy winners of first place on the day was Sean McDonnell and Daragh Lynch who won with a tangy lemon drizzle cake and second place went to a old school upside down pineapple cake by Tom Mohan and Peter McConville. Afterwards when speaking about his success Peter, the man himself who never frowns but only smiles quoted his secret to success on the day was ‘do it with a smile’.

And so we come to the end of this years Belvo Bake Off for Elements 2017. We look forward to seeing this competition roll out again next year with the next bunch of Elements and maybe we might see a Belvo Bake Off for Teachers… Watch this space.

Conor Carolan

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