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The Home Economics Department was delighted with the interest and participation of Rudiments students in the first ever ‘Tough Cookies’ cookery club at Belvedere College. It consisted of two courses both for five weeks which ran from October to February mid-term. When surveyed the students felt they had all learned something new and added to their repertoire of culinary skills. By far Chicken Curry and Vegetable Soup were the favoured dishes. Some students preferred the chocolate muffins but all students that responded agreed that eating the dishes was the best part! The following is a selection of student testimonials:
‘I learned how to follow a recipe properly and baking and cooking food properly.’
‘Chicken curry was favourite dish because it was really tasty and was much easier to make than I expected.’
‘Yes it was well worth my time and a very useful skill.’
‘…It was a good time with friends learning new dishes.’
‘…….I had fun and the teachers made it enjoyable.’
‘I learned life skills and enjoyed myself doing it.’
‘……It was fun and I learned to cook new meals.’
‘….I now know how to bake a lemon drizzle cake.’
‘…I quite enjoyed the course it was fun learning how to make the dishes. The proper kitchen etiquette and the proper ingredients.’
‘I really took on board the slicing and dicing of vegetables.’
‘I liked cooking and especially eating the curry.’
‘..It was a good time as I find cooking enjoyable and rewarding.’
‘I learned some of the basics of cooking that I didn’t know before.’

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