Belvedere College - Numeracy Strategy

Numeracy Strategy

Numeracy Strategy

There are a variety of different activities taking place throughout the college to allow students see the importance of their numeracy skills beyond the classroom.
Cross Curricular Day.
On the 15th March Elements spent a day following a different timetable - one with a numeracy twist!
Throughout the day students learnt about the links between maths and other subjects they study.
They found the maths in tesselations, used their maths skills to find the longitude and latitude of various locations,
they were transported back to Ancient Rome and found just how many blocks were in some of the ancient ruins and they used their maths skill to improve their sporting prowess. Throughout the day students worked in groups, working collaboratively to complete each task.
We were also priviledged to have a talk from Com Mulchay (follow him on twitter@CardColm) how we could impress our friends with some card tricks that used maths as a basis.  Eoin McClure from the central statistics office also gave a very interesting presentation that brought maths into many aspects of life, from the enviroment to finding a girlfriend!.
A great day was had by all and it certainly encouraged students and staff alike to see the maths in different subjects!

             Maths Day Review by Henry Costello, Elements Alymer
Elements had Maths Day on March 15th.  We followed a different timetable than usual.
All forms went to different classes throughout the day. There was Art, Geography, P.E, History, card tricks and statistics.
Unfortunately, I didn't have Art but that's just the way it went. Ms. Leddy was teaching and I heard it was good through people in other classes. They used their maths skills to do tesselations.
Geography was with Mr. O'Shea, we learned about how far we are from the equator and other cities through measurement. It was really interesting to look at the world like this and Mr. O’Shea told us that we would use these skills all the way to Leaving Certificate.

For P.E we had Mr Duggan and the game was all about how fast we could communicate and using maths. We had to work together to solve the problem. We learned that you needed to be logical to work well as a team.

We had Ms. O'Donohue for History and she taught us about a Roman sculpture and the whole idea in the end was to figure out how many bricks were used to make the Monument. We also looked at the Coliseum in Italy.  It made us realise how big the monuments actually are and how hard they would have been to build at that time.
A card magician came in to teach us the Maths and Tricks behind cards. It was very interesting and it took a while to solve the equations. Everyone around me could solve it but I got confused half way! Luckily with the help of my friends I understood it in the end.
We had another talk about statistics, and he started talking to us at the introduction and after five minutes he told us that since he had started talking that about 500 people died in the world had died. He also made a bet saying "I bet, without knowing any of you, that there is at least two people if not more that share the same birthday" He wasn't guessing he was just mathematical about it and he was right!
Overall I really enjoyed the day and it made me think about other links with maths and my other subjects.

Peer Tuition
Andre Grenell - "It really helps me with maths and the tutors are fun"
Conor Feeney - " Its great to be able to help the students and you can see they are more relaxed as we are not teachers"
Every Tuesday a group of Rudiments students meet in Syntax Loyola with some Syntax and Poetry students who kindly give their own time to work through some maths problems with the students. It is a relaxed enviroment where students can ask as many questions as they like and spend time really getting to grips with some of the problems.
The tutors have been trained to focus on the students' understanding and to avoid just telling the answer.

There is a great buzz in the room and it is clear that the Rudiments student really appreciate the extra time.
The aim of the sessions is to not only increase their exam results but also to make maths seem less daunting.  Considering the great turn out and the mathematical discussions being had between tutor and tutee this seems to be be successful.

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