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Project Maths

Project Maths

From September 2010, the introduction of a new Mathematics syllabus will begin. This will affect our Poetry (current Transition Year) students and our new first years.

Project Maths will provide, what we hope, will be a better learning experience for students. The hope is that greater numbers for students will achieve higher results in the State exams. The course will place much greater emphasis on students understanding of mathematical concepts. There will be greater emphasis too, on students being able to apply their knowledge to real life situations.

The new curriculum will be introduced gradually over a number of years. In the initial phase, those questions from the new syllabus will simply replace the exam questions in those topics. So, for the first few years students will do work from the old and the new syllabus. The new syllabus, of course, will be delivered in a different pedagogical manner. Our teachers are undergoing several in-service courses, over the next few years. The first two “strands” to be introduced will be 1. Statistics and Probability, and 2. Geometry and Trigonometry.

Project Maths: Timeline

There will be a bigger emphasis, for students, on the use of technology. Students will be provided with computer based learning tools. The initial phase of these tools is now available from the College (see your Maths teacher). They are on a master cd, which may be copied by students. It will be important for students to have access to computer and internet services. It is our intention, in the College, to make further resources available through the College website and our Moodle system.

Further information is available at Another resource, essential for students, is available free to download is Geogebra. This can be found at .

Sample Clinometer Lesson
Learning Objective: to make a clinometer and use it to measure height. Read the full illustrated lesson plan here...

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