Belvedere College - College Choirs - Overview

College Choirs - Overview

College Choirs - Overview

Belvedere College Choirs, under the direction of Ruaidhri O'Dalaigh and Frances Stoker-Phelan, consist of students from 1st to 6th year.

If you like music, and harmonies in general and you have an interest in singing, or if you want to become a good singer, the choir will be perfect for you, because that’s all we do, sing in harmony. Whether you’re an experienced singer or if you’ve never sang before and you’d like to try it out, you’re all welcome. The choir is the perfect training ground for. students of the college who want to study music as it will enhance your musicianship making your exams that much easier! Most of all you get to meet people from all years across the school. Belvedere College has 4 choirs altogether.

Junior Choir
This is a choir for upper voices (trebles and altos). Generally made up of 1st and 2nd years. The Junior Choir rehearse every Friday of term time between 3.45 and 4.35pm in the music suite. The first rehearsal will be Sep 1st. (rehearsal ends at 5pm)

Senior Choir
This is a choir for lower voices (tenors and basses). Generally made up of 3rd - 6th year students. The Senior Choir rehearse every Friday of term time between 3.45 and 4.35pm in the chapel. The first rehearsal
will be Sep 1st. (rehearsal ends at 5pm)

Chamber Choir
This is a choir with 16 to 18 available places, open to tenors, baritones and basses. Entrance to the Chamber Choir is by audition. Chamber Choir rehearse every Monday of term time between 4.00 and 5.00pm in the chapel. Audition date is Monday 4th Sep. Please check the notice board for more details. The first rehearsal will be Monday 11th Sep.

Full Choir
This is a choir made up of all the singers from Belvedere and are joined by girls from Mount Sackville creating one giant choir. All voice types, across all years. Numbers would generally add up to be about about 100. Full Choir Rehearsals are every Friday of term time between 4.45 – 6.10pm throughout the year. The first Full Choir rehearsal is on 22nd September.

First 3 Rehearsals
The first three rehearsals of the year in September are Junior and Senior Choir only. They will rehearse from 3.45 to 5pm as a starter. From September 22nd onwards, the Full Choir will begin, with Junior and Senior rehearsing from 3.45 til 4.35

Events During The Year

Annual Carol Service, Sat Dec 2nd, 5pm, College Chapel
Every year, the Belvedere choir sing at the Annual Carol Service, with music, readings and prayer. We sing about 12 pieces of music in a service that's about an hour long. The pieces we sing are either a capella, have piano backing, or have an orchestra accompanying.

Choir Competitions, Wesley College and The RDS
Every year, choirs from all around Ireland compete against each other to see who are the best choir in the country. Belvedere and Mount Sackville, or Full Choir, along with the Junior, Senior and Chamber Choirs compete against lots of other schools in both the Wesley College Competitions and the Feis Ceoil Competitions in the RDS. At both of these events you will see and hear and array of musical talent from other schools and you will get to show off your skills too as part of this choir and sing on stage in front of hundreds of people. You will hear feedback off the adjudicators at the end before they announce the winners. The pieces we bring to competition are generally quite difficult rhythmically and harmonically so perfecting them takes time and a lot of concentration! When you don't win in competition, it's a brilliant experience, when you win it's even better.

The Belvedere College Choirs have had great competitive success over the past number of years. The Belvedere College Choir with the girls from Mount Sackville won the Frank Hughes cup at Wesley and the Alice Yoakley Quirk cup at Feis Ceoil in 2011 &  2013, and the Folens Award for overall Secondary School choir of the year at the ESB Feis Ceoil in 2013.The Belvedere Junior Choir won the Epworth cup at Wesley in 2011 and the Patricia McCarry cup at Feis Ceoil in 2011 and 2014. The Senior Choir won the Turner Huggard Memorial cup at Feis Ceoil in 2015, and in 2017, The Junior Choir got 1st place in Patricia McCarry cup again!

Musical Evening, 5th May, O Reilly Theatre
The Belvedere Musical Evening is a showcase for all the musical talent that is going on in Belvedere, and there is a lot going on. College Orchestra, Chamber Orchestra, Wind Bands, Jazz Band, Trad Group, many talented individual performers and of course, the choir. The 4 different choirs perform many pieces throughout the night and it is a real highlight for the students, parents and staff alike. If you like the idea of singing music in harmony in front of about 500 people on one of the largest stages in Ireland with a huge orchestra, you should probably join the choir.

The Music
All the choirs sing a variety of music from Pop, Gospel, Traditional, Folk, Classical, Contemporary, Soul, Barbershop and anything else that sounds good. The challenge to you, the singer, is to know your harmony line as best you can. When everyone gets to know their line, that’s when the music starts coming together. The music can be in 2 parts, 3, 4, even up to 8 part harmony. But once you know your line and you’ve practiced at home, then it should be no problem to you. We supply you with line recordings to listen to. Harmony homework. Happy Days!!! More about that on the notice board in the music department.

Voice Placing
Voice placing is assessing how high or low you can sing and what range is most comfortable for you. In a choir, you are either a treble, an alto, a tenor or a bass. It is not an audition, we’ll get to hear you sing a few notes for about 20 seconds then we will know where to put you in the choir. If you were in the choir before, you still need to be voice placed. We will pull you out of class at some stage for a few minutes on Thursday 31st August.


If you are interested in singing with the choir, please send in an email to and let me know the following three things.

1. Student’s Name and Form Class
2. Email Addresses for both Student & Parent / Guardian
3. Mobile Phone numbers for both Student & Parent / Guardian

***If you’re returning to choir and your details haven’t changed since last year, then you need not do anything***

Our contact is mainly through, but should you need to ring and talk to someone in the choir, ring or text either Fran on 087 640 4797, or Ruaidhrí on 086 3733 496.

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