Belvedere College - Wind Band Programme

Wind Band Programme

Wind Band Programme

The Wind Band Initiative was established in the College in 2007 by Ms. Marie-Louise Bowe. The programme started out with sixty-six excited and enthusiastic Elements and Rudiments students, some of whom became the first ever members to graduate from the Belvedere Wind Band programme in 2012. The Bands system has grown from strength to strength since it’s inception and there are now over 150 members involved in four different ensembles. In 2010, Mr. Daniel Dunne assumed the role of director and conductor, restructuring the Wind Bands and establishing the Belvedere Jazz Band for senior members on the programme. The coming year promises to be another exciting one for the Belvedere bands with a number of performances and workshops planned throughout the year including the Annual Wind Band Evening in February 2013.

How it works:

Instrumental lessons take place during school hours and consequently every effort is made to reduce disruption to a students academic work.

  • Class times are allocated in a rotational timetable so that a student will not miss the same class more than once in a nine week period (no more than 2-3 times per year). For example Student X will miss 20 minutes of the 1st period in week 1, but will miss 20 minutes of the 2nd period in week 2, etc.
  • If the lesson is scheduled in the middle of the class (for example, maths class starts at 8.55 am and the instrumental lesson is at 9.05) the student must inform the class teacher at the beginning of the class, go directly to their lesson and directly back, without delay or disruption.
  • Students should leave 4/5 minutes before their lesson time to collect their instrument from storage and set-up in time for the beginning of their lesson.
  • The Buddy System: A place in the instrumental programme does not give students an excuse to miss out on class work or homework assignments. Students should choose a reliable friend to inform them what work they need to catch up on from missed classes including homework assignments. Failure to do this will result in their instrumental lessons being discontinued and their place being offered to the next student on the waiting list.


  • Timetables are posted on the music noticeboard every Friday afternoon.
  • In the event that a student is unable to get to the board before leaving school they can also check their timetable using Moodle on the Belvedere Website.
  • It is the responsibility of each individual student to make a note of their time and ensure they are punctual and prepared for each lesson. Students may also want to take note of their lesson time in their journal or set an alarm or reminder for themselves.

Lesson Attendance:

  • If a student is absent from school and misses their lesson contact must be made directly to the Wind Band phone (087) to notify the instrumental teacher. Unfortunately lessons missed by a student cannot be made up due to time constraints in the term.
  • In the event that a student ‘forgets to go to a lesson’, a note from a parent/guardian must be made in this practice journal to explain the absence and shown to the instrumental teacher at the next lesson.
  • Attendance and progress will be recorded by the instrumental teacher on a weekly basis by means of the practice journal. Parents can communicate with the instrumental teacher via the practice journal on matters such as progress, exams, etc.
  • If a student misses more than two lessons without explanation their place in the Wind Band programme will be offered to the next student on the waiting list.

Lesson Terms and Important Dates

Term 1  11 lessons at a fee €154 (- Syntax – 9 lessons at a fee of €126 due to work experience weeks.) 10th Sept. - 30th Nov. 2012
Term 2  13 lessons at a fee of €182 7th Jan. - 26th April 2013

Educational Music Services

  • Educational Music Services, Mountjoy Square provide a try before you buy plan (rent to buy scheme). The Belvedere College Wind Band Programme works closely with EMS given its close location to the school and the extensive services they offer from instrumental rental to repair and maintenance.
  • Sarah Dowdall of EMS has a full stock of instruments set aside for new members of the Belvedere Wind Band programme and is open until 6pm every evening. You can also contact her on (01)8742310 to discuss instrument rental/purchase.
  • Educational Music Services also provide books for exams, instrument accessories and offer instrumental repairs and servicing if needed.

Instrument Care and Insurance

  • Belvedere College cannot accept responsibility for individual instruments. Parens are strongly encouraged to insure purchased and rented instruments in the case of it being stolen/damaged/mislaid etc.
  • Musical Instruments ARE NOT TOYS and students should not allow others to try or tamper with their instruments. Care should always be taken in setting up and packing up instruments and they must also be cleaned out on a regular basis.
  • It is encouraged that students place a name tag or key ring on their case to distinguish it from other instruments.

Instrument Storage:

  • Storage space for instruments is provided by the school (on the ground floor of the 1st year building) so that students can leave their instrument in a safe place on the morning of their lesson. Instruments should not be left in the school overnight.
  • Storage areas are locked with a code given only to members of the Wind Band programme. The knowledge of the code for the storage area must be treated with maturity and relaying this information to other people outside the programme is putting your instrument’s safety at risk. Any person(s) in breach of this will immediately be removed from the programme and will be dealt with accordingly by the Headmaster.
  • Practise room facilities are available after school hours (Wind Band members should speak to Mr. Dunne or Mr. O’Hanlon to organise a practice space).

The Bands

The Belvedere Wind Band Programme – Mr. D. Dunne (Director and Co-ordinator)

The Wind Band

The Wind Band is primarily made up of Elements and Rudiments students who are in their first year of studying an instrument. The Band meets before school on Monday mornings in the Music Suite and aims to develop a passion for playing in a musical ensemble in a relaxed and social atmosphere. In September 2011, thirty-two very enthusiastic new members joined the band programme and they will make their debut performance at the Wind Band Evening in March 2012.

The Concert Band

The Concert Band mainly focuses on the performance of arrangements of popular music. This group of Rudiments, Grammar and Syntax students are currently preparing a very exciting programme of rock, pop and dance songs for their upcoming performances. The Concert Band rehearse before school on Tuesday mornings in the Music Suite.

The Symphonic Band

The Symphonic Band is made up of the senior most members of the Wind Band Programme. This band is dedicated to the performance of original compositions for Wind Ensemble and large-scale arrangements of classical, musical theatre and film music. The Symphonic Band’s rehearsals take place in the Music Suite on Thursday mornings before school.

The Jazz Band

The Belvedere College Jazz Band was formed in September 2010 with the intention of providing a new outlet in performance for senior members of the Wind Band programme. Their debut performance at the Wind Band Evening in 2011 was met with a great reception leading to a second performance at the Music Evening in the same year. In September 2011, the members of the Jazz Band began to explore deeper into the multi-faceted world of Jazz from standards such as Glenn Miller to the more contemporary works of Herbie Hancock and Jaco Pastorius. Following  a placing in the Chamber Music competition at the Wesley Interschools Festival, the Jazz Band were invited to perform a set for the Urban Mash-up concert in Vicar Street in September 2012.



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