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Senior Cycle RE

Senior Cycle RE

Peer tutoring 

During Poetry and Rhetoric Religious Education, students have the opportunity to participate in a Peer Tutoring Programme in primary and secondary schools in the local area.

As part of Poetry Religious Education each week we had a three class period devoted to whatever module we chose. So while the majority of students were in classroom learning about courses such as Justice and Faith, Religion and Science and Explore: Ignatian Spirituality, a select few were thrown into the deep end, into a number of inner city primary schools.

My experience of helping out in St.Vincent’s Infant Boys School was great. I had a past experience in the school from Transition Year Community Care, so the environment of the school wasn’t completely new to me. St. Vincent’s is a school on North William Street for boys aged four - seven. It is a school which is in an underprivileged area. It is a school that provides excellently for the varying needs of its students.

On the first Thursday we were warmly greeted by dozens of hyper, small boys eager to play some games. We were each assigned a classroom with about twelve boys. All the boys were young so it was great fun, even the more difficult tasks, such as helping with reading and writing. The more difficult tasks while they were fun were very rewarding, to see the young boys making some real progress was fantastic.

A class that I spent a lot of time in was junior infants in which there were eleven boys. This was particularly challenging as I was working with the boys so early on in the year (September) and they were so new to this strange idea of school! Helping the boys with the elements of reading, games, jigsaw puzzles, “beautiful” singing and well, I guess I could call it art, were all equally enjoyable and rewarding. Outside of the classroom there were plenty of other things to be done, such as sitting with the children while they ate their lunch, which for some was provided by the school. This was a really fun thing to do, and there was some heated discussions on Pokémon cards and who could draw the best cat.

Going down to St.Vincent’s Infant Boys School each Thursday morning was the highlight of my week, I always looked forward to helping out and having a laugh with the kids. I think Peer Tutoring as part of Poetry Religious Education is a great programme, not only because it gives some of the students in Belvedere some perspective on things and some valuable experience in a primary school. It also lets the boys in St. Vincent’s know that people do care and want to help them out, which they may not always be reminded of otherwise. I had a great time during my nine weeks in St. Vincent’s and I believe more students from Belvedere should be given the opportunity to take part in the programme.

Cillian Byrne

"I would like to express my appreciation for the support from Belvedere College SJ for the mission of JRS 'to accompnay, to advocate and to serve' the cause of asylum seekers, refugees and forcibly displaced persons in Ireland and throughout the world." - Eugene Quinn, National Director, Jesuit Refugee Service Ireland.

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