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Belvedere College S.J. "What They Say About Us"

10 statements from 10 students in response to the question ‘What was it like to go to Belvedere?

“Belvedere is a place I have changed so much in and I am certain I will never change that much again. Belvedere helped me to truly discover who I am and where my talents lie. I now know what I wish to pursue in life and all credit for this is due to the school. I learned so much from my time in Belvedere, but most importantly I also enjoyed it. I loved time with my class, with the teachers, and doing all the different activities I was able to do in Belvedere”

“The single best experience of my life. A place which made me feel comfortable with who I was. It has taught me that being myself is enough and not always to try and impress those around me. I contribute any success I have had to the belief the staff have given me to strive for excellence in everything I do. The relationship between students and teachers is what Belvedere is all about; their selflessness to go beyond the call of duty never ceases to amaze me”

“The school certainly provided what was promised. A Jesuit education. I feel that I have matured a lot as a person in an academic sense, a spiritual sense, and a moral sense. The various activities and programmes that the school offers provide an equal opportunity for everyone to get involved. I have no doubt I will miss the school but I also look forward to what lies ahead”

“The social justice aspect of the school is something no other school offers and it has shaped my character hugely. I'll miss the opportunities I had at my finger tips to be involved in the VDP (Vincent de Paul), ‘Soup run’, Peer Tutoring, Block Pull and retreats such as Kairos”

“I think that the phrase ‘give me the boy and I'll give you the man’ holds very true in Belvedere. I got a sense of belonging in the school especially in the last three years. I felt extremely comfortable in the school and it gave me numerous opportunities to develop my talents and explore my faith and relationship with God. I felt I contributed towards the life of the school in my involvement of various activities. I distinctly remember Mr. Rogan telling us in first year that this is not a school where one leaves at half three every day. It is a wasted opportunity to not get involved and I believe that by getting involved in every aspect of school life one contributes immensely to the life of the school. I feel I can say that I have tried most everything the school has put on offer which has shaped me and those around me through my involvement”

“The best thing about Belvedere College SJ is the religious education and retreat programme. I have learned so much from the trips and retreats I have been on, which were not only enjoyable, but also incredibly important to my development as a person. This was made apparent during my time as a Kairos leader in sixth year, where though leading others, I discovered an incredible amount about myself and for the first time felt that I held a unique value to my being that only I could possess. The retreat and spiritual development programme is outstanding, and should be advertised as one of the College’s best assets”

“Belvo truly offers a rounded education. It provides all pupils with a diverse range of opportunities. From sport, to music, to drama, to personal faith. It's through all these experiences that people learn more about themselves and mature. This combined with striving for excellence sets graduates on a great path”

“I feel that I have made friends for life in the school. I have been given a wonderful education. The experiences from various extra-curricular activities have helped shape who I am today. I will never forget cycling up the side of a mountain along the Camino for two hours on the lowest gear of the bike”

“There is of course so many brilliant facilities in Belvo and so many opportunities, but I think such a simple and easy thing that Belvo has right is the teacher - student relationship. Teachers in Belvo are more like friends that have knowledge in a subject and then proceed to teach their friends about their subject. I have great relationships with my teachers and outside the classroom, I could talk to each of them about anything. This simple thing about Belvo makes it hugely different and unique to any other school”

“I got an understanding of myself. The school provided a platform for me to explore and discover who I was as a person and learn to be more understanding of others. The school has helped me become less self-centred”

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