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Belvedere College SJ/JRS Campaign for Ukraine

Belvedere College SJ/JRS Campaign for Ukraine

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JRS Romania is present at the North Train Station in Bucharest assisting those who arrive from Ukraine (Photo: JRS Romania).

Many groups have generously started to respond to the Ukrainian crisis by donating medical supplies and other items based on circulated lists where containers are being transported to Poland and neighbouring countries. This is a wonderful sign again of the generosity of the Irish people. A group of Belvedere past pupils have also sent a number of containers to Poland which is a great testament to the ethos of men for others which carries on long after leaving the College. While these initiatives are hugely welcomed to serve the immediate needs, the latest information from people working on the ground and from government sources is that cash donations given to trusted sources are preferred as they are more practical and can be used according to emerging needs now and in the short- and medium-term future.  

Therefore, as a wide Belvedere Community of pupils, parents, past pupils and staff, we have strategically partnered with Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS) to support their work on the front lines in Ukraine, in the neighbouring countries, as well as here in Ireland. Jesuit schools across Europe are united in the same effort. Visit for full details. Click here to read more

We are asking you to donate what you can using our trusted Belvedere College Just Giving Checkout link below where there are no fees meaning 100% of all donations will go directly to JRS to be used as they see fit in their response to current and emerging needs.   

We know there have been many opportunities to make donations to other charities and Government appeals to other campaigns. If you have availed of these opportunities, thank you. If you still wish to contribute or have additional resources, we appeal to you to support our dedicated JRS campaign using the donations link below. THANK YOU

In Ireland: preparing to welcome refugees to our shores

Already 1.5million refugees have fled Ukraine in search of safety and protection, this is the largest forced displacement of people across borders since World War II. The Temporary Protection Directive was activated on the 4 March 2022 for the first time to respond to a mass influx of displaced persons from Ukraine unable to return to their country or region of origin. This solidarity mechanism enables responsibility to be shared more fairly across EU Member States, including Ireland, for welcoming and receiving Ukrainian refugees displaced by this conflict.

In the Irish context already 1,350 Ukrainian refugees have arrived. It is expected in the weeks and months ahead significantly more refugees to arrive, with high range estimates of up to 100,000 refugees. This population will have significant accommodation and support needs on and after arrival.
JRS Ireland will develop appropriate responses to emerging needs of Ukrainian refugees in Ireland and to work in partnership with other Jesuit works and civil society organisations to ensure the response is structured and coordinated.

We are very grateful to Belvedere College students, staff and the wider school community for developing this Lenten fundraising initiative, the proceeds of which will support the work of JRS in addressing the needs of internally displaced persons in Ukraine, refugees in frontline neighbouring countries (Poland, Hungary, Romania and South East Europe) and in welcoming and receiving Ukrainian refugees who seek protection and safety in Ireland.
Thank you for your support and generosity to the suffering people of Ukraine in their time of need.

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