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Catholic Schools Week

Catholic Schools Week

Catholic Schools Week (CSW) 2021

See the following link for all the good work done before Christmas by all at Belvedere

Catholic Schools Week (CSW) 2021

Our theme for Catholic Schools Week 2021 is ‘Communities of Faith, Resilience, and Hope’.  We are a dynamic community in Belvedere College and that has always had its roots in why the Jesuits established the College in 1832. Faith is central to our Vision, Mission and Values. Click to download the poster.

In the midst of a global pandemic, we face challenges to how we live the Value of community. It’s not normal to be physically separated from family, friends or colleagues. Yet, within this separation we find ways to survive, and find resilience and hope for the journey. This is what we celebrate during Catholic Schools Week, especially in this year 2021.

Our programme for the week includes ‘a daily thought for the day’, a series of online talks from a variety of speakers who will share a little about their faith journey and where they find hope, a mass celebrated by our Rector Fr Paddy Greene SJ, and 2 ‘faith in action’ projects that we invite you to take part in - ‘a couch to 5k’ walk or run in aid of Jesuit Refugee Services in South Sudan, and an invitation to share ‘what gives you hope’. See details below...

‘Couch to 5k’ to support a refugee camp in Maban, South Sudan.
Irish Jesuit, Fr Tony O’Riordan SJ, works with Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS) in South Sudan. He is on the frontline in a refugee camp and their work has always been about supporting the welfare of refugees in the camp. This has been exacerbated by the Covid-19 crisis.

We will set up a Just Giving fundraising campaign page to support their work. Click here to find out more

For now, you are encouraged and invited to consider how doing a sponsored 5k walk or run for your own wellbeing can also support the wellbeing of refugees in this refugee camp in Maban.  Our students are already engaged with their own 5k challenge in collaboration with Mr Keelan, Mr McCarthy and Mr O’Shea. We invite you to join them.

We have put a 6-week training plan (link here) together starting next week Jan 25th and our communal date for doing the ‘Belvedere 5k Challenge for JRS’ is Saturday March 6th next. So, no matter what level of fitness you are at right now, you can take part. If you can run or walk 5k easily right now, great. We ask you to do as many 5ks as you wish between now and March 6th but on that day aim to do your best effort. Work up to that over the next 6 weeks. If you feel 5k is outside your current fitness level, then set yourself a target using the training plan to complete 5k on Saturday March 6th. Together we will maintain our strength as community, improve our fitness, and give hope to another community in Maban, South Sudan.  

‘What gives you hope’ campaign
A key component of our Christian faith is that we are people of hope. We are Resurrection people. We believe in life after death. We know there is light at the end of the tunnel. We know there will be life again after Covid-19.
We invite you to create a short (15 secs or so) video clip stating ‘what gives me hope is...’ and we will collate as many as we receive over the next week during Catholic Schools Week. We are inviting students, staff, parents, and past pupils to take part. We will collate them all and share them back with you – our collective hope for each other and our world.  Send your short video (which can be recorded on your phone or computer) to
Thank you.


Catholic Schools Week Day 1

Click the link to download Thought for the Day " What gives you hope" 


Catholic Schools Week Day 2 
What are the possibilities and challenges in your present moment, and how will

you embrace them? Click here to download the Thought for the Day

Catholic Schools Week Day 3
Thought for today: : What small acts can you do today that gives hope or joy for you and others?
Catholic Schools Week Thought for the Day:
Day 4 What is your dream for yourself that gives the greatest expression of your God

given gifts and talents?

Click to download the Thought for the Day here


Catholic Schools Week Thought for the Day Day 5 
Question for today: Can you name your resilience that helps you in your ‘struggle for existence’? If
so, treasure it and keep going back to that place. Click here to download the Thought for the Day
Watch Mass today, Friday 29th, at 08.30am celebrated by our Rector, Fr Paddy Greene SJ from Manresa

Spirituality Centre, Dollymount. Click on this link to join us in prayer 


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