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Jesuits engage independent facilitators in abuse case

Jesuits engage independent facilitators in abuse case

Jesuits engage independent facilitators in abuse case

We are truly sorry. Words are never enough.

In the January Newsletter I wrote, “No institution, Belvedere included, can claim that there are not times when the treatment of those in their care fell far short of what a Catholic institution should have provided.” (22 January 2021)

On Monday 27 April, the Jesuit Province issued a further statement following their naming of abuser Joseph Marmion, a former teacher at this school.

In it they explained that they have engaged two independent Restorative Justice Practitioners to co-design a survivor-led restorative justice process with those who have been impacted by Marmion’s abuse. Click here for statement

Central to that process is the involvement of past pupils who have been harmed or impacted by Joseph Marmion. The Jesuits are inviting these past pupils to initiate contact with the independent facilitators. For more detailed information on the restorative processes, the facilitators, and their contact details click here.  

If anyone has concerns about any issue of abuse they can contact the Jesuit Safeguarding Office, email:

The Irish Jesuit Provincial, Fr Leonard Moloney SJ, was also quoted in the recent statement. “Our determination is that the truth be told as far as is humanly possible, whilst also taking account of the personal privacy rights of the many people who have spoken to us of their abusive experiences and of others who have spoken of how they are impacted,” he said, adding, “Our first duty is towards those who are suffering. We believe the most appropriate means of fulfilling that duty is through these survivor-led processes.”

The Jesuits’ statement naming Joseph Marmion as an abuser was released in early March. Commenting on it in a subsequent Newsletter I said that the road to peace for survivors and victims of abuse is a long one. I expressed the hope that the statement, and the support being offered by Saoirse Fox of the Jesuit Safeguarding Office, would help survivors of abuse to find peace. (HM Message Newsletter 12th March 2021)

I wish the same for those who choose to engage now in this independent restorative justice process.

In that original statement, Fr Moloney apologised for the pain that Joseph Marmion inflicted. What he said bears repeating.  “This pain is held by those who were direct victims of harm and abuse, by their families and also by other students who were witnesses to this abuse and felt powerless and unable to do anything about it. It is a matter of profound regret to me personally and to the Society of Jesus that children were abused whilst in our care. We are truly sorry. Words are never enough.”

Gerry Foley


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