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From the Library

From the Library

Well the doors of the Library might be closed at the moment, but we are still operational and running the following virtual services during lockdown.

One-Act Playwriting Competition:

Open to all students. Rules and entry form are available from Aileen in the library and on our College website here. Please read these carefully and get your entry in for the 13th of February

Book Club: Open to all students and parents.   The books to be discussed and the dates for the group meet-ups - junior or senior - will be posted on the library insta page (belvederelibrary and the hash tag  #belvoreads) along with regular updates, and also on the College website Contact

BelvoTalks: Talks will be online. Students are asked to record their presentation and send to The talk will be shared with interested students. As usual, the talk can be about literally anything that interests you, whether it's particle physics, US election 'fraud', or Norwegian Death Metal!  The main thing is that it's something you're passionate about. We love to listen, so don't be afraid to talk the talk!

Superfast Book Reviews: Open to all students. Can you review a book, fiction, non-fiction or manga that you liked in 60 seconds or less?  Challenge extended!

If you can, then record it, showing the book you're reviewing and other props if you like and send it to Aileen in the library . We'll post your recommendation to the library Insta page (@belvederelibrary) some examples will be there already from Monday, so you can see what others have done.

You can do it individually or in pairs/as a group.  It's a great way to share recommendations for others to enjoy well as being a complete hoot to make!

Click and Collect:  If there is a book on the library catalogue, which is available to view here, that you would like, email me at aivory@belvedere and I can organise for a day for contact-free collection.

Weekly Library BookZoom:  Every Friday at Lunchtime between 12.45 and 1.15. The theme for each discussion will be announced on Instagram and we can chat about books you have read on that theme and would love to recommend to others.  They won’t read themselves in fairness!  The link will be sent via Unique every Thursday.  This is open to all students, Parents and Staff.

Online Subject resources:  Designed to supplement learning, these are being constantly updated for each subject and are available for a perusal on the library page on the College Website here


Is there one thing you NEED in your life?  Yes - BorrowBox!  Belvedere Library can simply not recommend this highly enough.  Thanks to this simple idea, your local library is available in one app and you can borrow eBooks and eAudiobooks free from your library using the BorrowBox app. It’s a fantastic service and will be quite useful for book clubs or discussions you might be involved in.  The steps towards reading Nirvana are as follows:
STEP ONE – Join your locak Public Library
STEP TWO - Install the BorrowBox app on your device
STEP THREE - Select your library service
STEP FOUR - Activate with your library membership
STEP FIVE -  Emmm, start borrowing free eBooks and eAudiobooks

All the information you need to get started is here


Essay Writing Competition

Another fabulous writing competition for TY and 5th Year students.   This is really one to get your teeth into and will suit anyone that prefers to write prose over fiction or poetry.

Fighting Words ‘5ive’ Competition


What is inside the 5km boundary where you are?
Engage your five senses and discover the stories within your 5km! What is special about the area where you live that you would like the world to know?
Take a photograph of something within your 5km limit and write its story in five...five what? It’s up to you!

Some ideas include:
• A poem in 5 words or 5 lines
• A story in 5 paragraphs
• A poem in 5 words or 5 lines
• A comic in 5 panels
• An illustration in 5 colours
• A song with 5 lines or verses
• 5 objects in the photo that tell a story
• Or your own idea about 5x5!
All information including closing dates, submission rules and prizes can be found here.



This is just a tiny selection of the many novels and memoirs that are out there on the Holocaust, but as one of the greatest tragic milestones of the 20th century, we should all read at least one in our lifetimes. The books selected here, hopefully create a sense of empathy and a connection with the subject and the characters within, and develop a desire to never allow prejudice to decide how we treat other people. The Holocaust Educational Trust Ireland will have an online commemoration on the 24th of January and you can register here if interested. The Holocaust Memorial Day Trust in the UK has a wonderfully curated book club that you can access here for their recommendations and activites.

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