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Rhetoric Student CAO Checklist

Rhetoric Student CAO Checklist

Dear Parents & Students, Please see CAO checklist that has been sent to all Rhetoric Students. It is important that all students are aware of the upcoming deadlines. It is their responsibility to ensure that they adhere to these deadlines.

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CAO Timelines

Complete your CAO application online well in advance of deadlines. You do not have to have all your courses listed on the CAO by 1st Feb (unless they are restricted). This causes panic every year, so it is important to remember the distinction. Please see details below and in the attached timelines pdf and in the CAO Handbook attached.

Restricted Courses

Certain courses are Restricted-Application Courses. Restricted courses normally require additional assessment procedures, for example, the submission of a portfolio, an oral assessment or interview, or a written assessment. They have early assessment procedures which may start as early as February. You must check the relevant prospectus for details. In the lists of courses in the CAO Handbook, these courses are identified by the words "(Restricted - see page 3)". You can also search for restricted courses here by choosing the restricted filter under the following link:-

An application for a Restricted-Application Course will not be considered unless it has been included among your original course choices by 1st February.

Restricted entry courses should be entered before the 1st February deadline.

NUI/TCD Exemption
If you are exempt from Irish or a modern language you should send the relevant documentation to NUI to apply for your exemption within the time stated.

If you do not study any 2nd or 3rd languages, you will need to apply to TCD for a language exemption to study there.

Please speak to Ms. Hamilton if you have any queries on this.

CAO Application - DARE/HEAR

Tick the boxes for DARE/HEAR on your CAO Application and answer 'Yes' to question A if you wish to apply. Contact your guidance counsellor or Ms. Hamilton to complete the application.

Trinity College Feasibility Study

Any student applying for the Trinity College Feasibility study should ensure that they have their application completed on their CAO web page.  You can find out more about the TCD Feasibility study, and the specific courses to which it applies, by following the link below.
Tick the box on your CAO application to apply - please check deadlines details

NCAD Access Scheme

NCAD operates a supplementary admissions route for applicants with a disability or for those who are from socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds.

Details of the NCAD Access Scheme are sent to all applicants who pass the portfolio/interview stage, or in the case of AD215 Visual Culture, information is sent to all applicants.

Applicants who feel they meet the qualifying criteria for the Access Scheme are invited to make an application.  NCAD reserves 5% of places in First Year for Access Students.

Ad Astra Elite Sports Scholarship & Other Scholarships - Closing Date:31st January 2021.

The closing date is strictly adhered to.

Make sure you are aware of deadlines for scholarships such as UCD Ad Astra. Please see attached link. In addition to this see Careers website for details on scholarships and deadlines 

UCD Ad Astra Academy
Elite Sports Scholars The UCD Ad Astra Elite Sports Academy aims to develop a culture of continuous improvement that inspires, educates and delivers excellence in high performance sport.

Searching for... Courses; Careers; Apprenticeships; Career Sectors

UCAS Application

Complete your UCAS application and pay/send so that your guidance counsellor can approve your application and send it on to UCAS before the extended deadline of January 29th. Please email your guidance counsellor when you have paid and sent.

European Application

Check deadlines for European and other international courses and advise your Guidance Counsellor if you need school transcripts for your application. Please give your guidance counsellor plenty of notice if you require transcripts as they take time to complete.

HPAT Registration

Registrations for HPAT – Ireland 2021 opened in December 2020 and will close on 20 January 2021 at 5.15pm GMT. Late registrations will be accepted up until 1 February 2021 5.15pm GMT on payment of a late fee.

Please note all these deadlines and application processes are your responsibility. It is up to you to ensure that you have you have adhered to them.

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