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TY Challenge Day

TY Challenge Day

TY Challenge Day Date: Friday 12th February 2021

TY Challenge Day

Date:  Friday 12th February 2021

Due to the excellent engagement with the online lessons from syntax students since the beginning of the current lockdown period, it has been decide to change the timetable for one day only on the 12th of February.

The lessons are suspended for that day and the students have to complete a challenge.  The challenge is titled “Community Clean-Up”.  Our communities begin in our homes and extend out through our families into the wider environment.  We are asking all TY students to undertake a clean-up operation in their community.  Is there a grandparent or possibly an elderly person in your locality that may need and appreciate some help, even it is only the company (socially distant of course).

Below is an example of things that can be done;

  • Painting – bedroom, walls, skirting boards, shed doors, gates, etc.
  • Wash windows (inside and out)
  • Spring clean house (give parents a break)
  • Wash and vacuum cars
  • Wash driveway, patios, decking, etc
  • Prepare garden for spring planting – dig out flower beds, clean plant pots
  • Some early root veg can be planted out now.
  • Cut back climbing plants.
  • Clean the street or grass verges in front of your house or those of a neighbour.

All pupils must take part and take a picture of themselves undertaking the task.  The pictures can be submitted to
We hope to create a collage of the work and maybe have it published in the Belvederian.  All completed entries will be awarded credit towards their final assessment and a record of submissions will be kept.

This all ties in with a “quick” mental health check that we can all do.  Please see the poster below and the link to “Five ways to wellbeing”.

Mental Health – Five ways to wellbeing

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