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Past Pupils

Past Pupils

One of the great strengths of Belvedere College SJ is the continuing commitment of the past pupil body to the school. This is epitomized by the vitality of the Belvedere College Union and by the role of so many past pupils in the life of the College on a day-to-day basis. The Junior Union is increasingly active with various events including the John McHugh memorial Panda Cup for Tag rugby each Spring, supporting the annual Belvedere Sleep-out and soup runs.

Of special significance is the past pupil support of such important initiatives as the Social Diversity Programme. This provides a broad-based Jesuit education, at secondary school level, for boys who, because of social and financial barriers, would not normally have such an opportunity. The link below provides full details of this programme and how past pupils can become involved.

Other key activities which are actively supported by past pupils include the Belvedere Business Forum, Belvedere Youth Club, the St. Vincent de Paul Society, Belvedere Social Housing (in association with the Peter McVerry Trust), the Belvedere Benevolent Association and Old Belvedere Rugby Club.

The Annual Union Dinner held on the first Friday of November each year emphasizes the link between different aspects of the wider Belvedere family. The Union presents the Social Justice Award at the Dinner. There are many other event during the year including business networking events, past versus present debates, rugby and the annual mass for deceased.

If you have not done so, it is worth visiting the Union’s updated website and encouraging past pupils that you know to keep in touch via the site or the Belvedere College SJ Alumni Linked In group. It may encourage some to reconnect with former classmates.  Ms. Ciara Banks is the part-time secretary and is always seeking to establish contacts with past pupils here and aboard. Class reunions at the College can be arranged. Please direct your enquiry to

The Benevolent Association is a subcommittee of the Union made up of past pupils that provide practical support to past pupils who are in difficulty. Their work is highly confidential but deserves great praise as it often helps people through the time when they feel most alone and despondent.

We hope to continue developing our links with past pupils in Boston and North America. Hopefully they will help us in fundraising for the Social Diversity Programme. It is also an opportunity for past pupils on the East Coast to meet up and enjoy some memories together. Please encourage any past pupils you know who are in the States to make contact with Roisin Drayne at the Development Office. Email:

Belvedere College Union

The objectives of the Belvedere College Union are to bring together past students of the College and to encourage friendly dialogue and mutual co-operation amongst them and between them and the College, by social gatherings or otherwise and to promote the aims of the Society of Jesus to which the College belongs.

These objectives provide the framework for the considerable scale of activities undertaken – embracing Social Justice, Sport, a wide variety of annual Union events and a close relationship with the School and its hugely comprehensive academic, sporting and co-curricular programme.

The Union aims to be a true continuum of the Jesuit ethos central to Belvedere College.

The Belvedere College Union incorporates a Junior section which is clearly a key factor for the future. With the co-operation of parents, the majority of the 6th Year Rhetoric Class, on graduating, join the Union on a special 10-year membership. A 10-year Reunion of past pupils is hosted by the School, with the Union’s participation, on an annual basis.

Committee for 2021/2022

  • President: John Doyle
  • Immediate Past President: Darragh Lynch
  • President Elect: Brian O’Neill
  • Senior Vice President: Kevin Lynch
  • Hon. Treasurer: Brian Terry
  • Hon Secretary: CJ Barry

Ordinary Committee Members:

  • John Darby
  • Peter Birthistle
  • Brian Dillon
  • Eugen Bent
  • John Treacy
  • Colm Bryson
  • Justin Leonard
  • Dan Desmond
  • Andrew Traynor
  • James McCarthy
  • Colm Brennan
  • Colin Lynch
  • Brendan Heneghan
  • John O'Reilly
  • John Reynolds
  • Niall Behan
  • Neil Owens
  • Eoghan O"connor

Junior Union:

  • Daire Boylan: Immediate Past President
  • Keith Boucher President
  • Dan McCaffrey: President Elect


The following links provide further information on the wide range of past pupil activities:

Belvedere College Union Website
Belvedere College Union Secretary             
Social Diversity Programme
Old Belvedere R.F.C
Belvedere Youth Club
Belvedere Business Forum
Belvedere Junior Union
Belvedere Union Golf Society
Belvedere Benevolent Association
Belvedere Social Housing
Belvedere Society of Our Lady of Lourdes
Society of St. Vincent de Paul
Belvedere Union Legacy Committee
Irish Federation of Jesuit Alumni


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