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Teaching and Learning at Belvedere

Belvedere as a Jesuit school is a community of learning. The Jesuit educational process respects both the uniqueness of the pupil and the movement towards community. The fostering of good relationships brings richness to school life and the skills required to do this are central to the characteristic of individual care.

Belvedere is where boys grow into fine young men. As they thrive on their independence and increased confidence they become brave, curious, confident, ready to learn, lead and serve in the community. In an atmosphere of teamwork and reciprocal acceptance everyone can become themselves, and know that they will be heard. Each encounter with others has potential for personal growth.

Commitment to excellence is at the heart of our Jesuit educational philosophy. This is the magis. Staff members bear witness to the magis in being generous with time and energy, and in searching out creative ways to help students entrusted to them. Students bear witness to the magis when they make the most of their unique talents and generously put them at the service of others, especially the less fortunate.

Our teaching staff, Tutor Groups and Pastoral Care program collectively support boys to achieve their broader academic goals and continually develop as an individual, discovering their inner resources.
Excerpts from the “Characteristics of Jesuit Education”, edited by Brian Grogan SJ

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Our evidence, research-based curriculum, based on the mandatory curriculum from the DESS and specifically designed for boys, utilises the latest technology to engage students in enriching experiences.
The website incorporates detailed information on all subjects within the College curriculum.

The accompanying menu provides a convenient direct link to all of these.
[There are separate sections on the site for all Sports and Co-curricular activities.]
Additionally there are specific links to education/curriculum resources related to specific subject areas for both the Junior and Senior Cycles.

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