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  • “Germany is at the heart of the European economy and learning German opens many doors to the world of business “. -Sean 6th Year
  • “The German Room is a brilliant resource and my overall experience of German in Belvedere has been extremely positive “ -Joey 5th Year
  • “It’s interesting to learn about Germany and German culture . The seats in the German Room are really comfy!". -Ion 2nd Year
  • “German spelling is easy and logical." -Hugh 3rd Year
  • “I like learning German because it’s very like English. Germany has interesting culture and you learn something new each class".-Cormac 2nd Year
  • “German is taught with great variety in Belvedere...through watching films in German, reading German books , oral exam practice sessions with the Austrian Exchange students when they come every year in March.There is something for everyone who is keen to learn this wonderful language." -Cillian Transition Year
  • “German is easy if you spend 10 minutes going over it every night." -Maitiu 1st Year
  • “German is fun. It is a great choice." -Evan 1st Year
  • “Vienna Exchange is a great experience.” -Justin 5th Year
  • “The Vienna Exchange is the best Transition Year Trip to do.” -Eoin 6th Year
  • “I prefer German to any other language I learn because it actually has proper rules and it sticks to them. As a language it actually behaves!" -Max 2nd Year
  • “The Language Assistants From Germany really help your fluency as well as attention from the class teacher.” -Liam 6th Year
  • “There is a German Assistant every year and there is a dedicated German Room with plenty of resources to help learn German e .g . Reading books, dictionaries, and grammar books as well as comfortable chairs!" -Daniel Transition Year
  • “I like German because it is challenging but logical “.-Derry 3rd Year
  • “German is cool." -Conall 1st Year
  • “The learning environment is very nice." -Luke 5th Year
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    Belvedere Guidance

    We seek to empower students to make decisions, solve problems, change behaviours and resolve issues in their lives.

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    Parents Information

    A warm welcome is extended to the parents and guardians of students in Belvedere College S.J. past and present.

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    Past Pupils

    One of the great strengths of Belvedere College is the continuing commitment of the past pupil body to the school.

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