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Why Study History?

History gives you back the past. Without an understanding of the past, the present doesn’t make much sense.

Students of History in Belvedere College will explore the lives of people in the past, and the social, political, economic and cultural structures of past communities, so as to be able to comprehend the world today. To put our lives in the twenty-first century in a broad perspective, to appreciate Ireland’s relationship with the world, to understand how other cultures and countries have developed, we need to study History.

Employers and academic institutions place a high value on skills developed through the study of History. They are impressed by the ability of the Historian to research, analyse and present information in a balanced, coherent and focused way. Above all, History helps students to think logically, express clear opinions and put forward reasoned arguments.

History is also valuable in a wide variety of careers.

In Belvedere College students of History will encounter many interesting ICT resources to help them study the subject effectively. These skills will be developed, skills which are relevant in modern life and the workplace.

History at Belvedere College is a long established and successful subject. The History Department is lively, enthusiastic and fully committed to fostering in its students an attitude of enquiry, open-mindedness and an intrinsic desire for learning. The teachers equip students with the academic skills and discipline to explore, understand and analyse issues which have challenged humanity. We aim to provide an experience that will stimulate the student and develop a life-long interest in the subject.

Through the teaching of History in Belvedere and by learning about the past, students are also encouraged to accept the Ignatian philosophy of service to others, to become socially responsible and active participants in the world.

We assist our students in accomplishing these objectives by:

  • Creating learning environments where students and teachers work together in investigating and questioning historical events, issues, themes and people.
  • Teaching students to explore, understand and analyse history from a multitude of perspectives.
  • Teaching students to think critically and communicate effectively both orally and in writing. 
  • Offering students a rich and demanding curriculum.


  • Mr. T. Doyle
  • Mr. Daniel Meagher
  • Mr. GJ Foley
  • Ms. M. Leddy
  • Mr. D. Meagher
  • Mr Shane Moran
  • Ms. Niamh O’ Donoghue
  • Mr. B. O'Shea
  • Ms. N. Sheridan


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